Pecos Valley Cowboy Church Gospel Trail Blazers: 

Roark Griffin, Born in Artesia, NM.
“I was raised up a New Mexico cowboy kid, fed on a lot of green chili and country western music all my life.  It came natural to sing and play guitar from early on.  If I’m not pickin’ and singing’ around a camp fire and serenading folks over at a local eatery in Pecos, I’m standin’ at my easel, slingin’ paint.  God’s got a hold on me now and I’m singin’ a new song Sundays down at Pecos Valley Cowboy Church.”

George Stumpff, Born in Santa Fe, NM.
“About the time I turned 14, I saved up and got my first guitar.  I took to learning some licks and at 17 partnered up some fellas playing some cowboy music for a fandango here, there and just ‘bout everywhere.  I was able to cut a couple albums that got out cross the pond. Now days I make music over at a fishing lodge and guest ranch up cow creek.  Sundays you can find me down the trail praising the Lord with Roark.”

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